About INHUS Construction

We offer construction services for various types of buildings in Lithuania and across the Scandinavian region cooperating with the largest building enterprises and real estate developers.

In the last two years, 100 percent of our projects were delivered on time or ahead of schedule and earned us the trust of our clients.

We focus on innovations and the most advanced solutions in the building industry.

Our mission, vision, values.

We specialize in Design-build projects. Bringing together a group of engineering design, manufacturing and building companies, we aim to create a simple, customer-friendly approach to fit any project.

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We provide design services for various building structures. We have extensive experience and are well versed in the design norms, national standards and design traditions of Lithuania and the Scandinavian region.

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At our Vilnius and Kaunas factories we create a wide range of precast concrete products. We are well experienced in the manufacturing of a multitude of elements for buildings, ranging in architectural diversity as well as the production of coloured concrete, matrixes and graphic concrete facades.

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